About the Centre

Life Centre Butere is a refuge for children who have been orphaned by Kenya’s greatest tragedies: AIDS and civil war.

Launched by Wycliffe Kwalanda in 2003 and officially registered by the Kenyan Ministry of Social Services in 2005, the centre helps 80 children who deserve a better future through a good education.  Kenyan primary school is free and mandatory.  Secondary school, however, involves costs that are a luxury for most families and impossible for orphans.

Life Centre Butere raises scholarships for orphans who have passed rigorous national exams and have earned the right to attend secondary school.  Initially through direct donations, ultimately the centre will become self-sustaining by raising scholarships through the sale of milk.  This will be achieved by purchasing dairy cows through the Cows for Kids donation program.

Life Centre Butere helps guide and support children through school. Your donation gives them a future.